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Your Membership Open Doors

Success in your business is the direct result of what you know and who you know. Your active participation in the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce gives you a tremendous opportunity to not only boost your knowledge of business, but also, creates open doors to help you make the critical connections with people in our community that ensure your success as a small business. The Chamber is an active and influential business organization in the region and gives you the greatest access to new clients, new ideas, and other resources that will help your business to grow and succeed.

Leads Groups, Networking Events, Volunteering & More

When you get involved in the Chamber, you gain incredible opportunities to get to know the top business people in Lincoln County. Share your ideas, learn what someone else knows, and pick up leads. The person you meet could be the household name who started the billion-dollar business, the elusive vice president you’ve been trying to reach on the phone, or someone who could benefit from your expertise. Maybe even your next big client. Our members think it is smart to do business with other Chamber members. So, grab your business cards and come to an event.


Where do you turn when you need employee training, financing information, or someone who can point you in the right direction? The Chamber, of course! As part of your membership, you can send your employees to free (or low-cost) training programs and seminars that cover your toughest business issues. Plus, the Gaston College Small Business Development Center helps with counseling, financial assistance, and other resources. This is real-world expertise that nourishes your business growth.

Affordable Visibility

So how does a company with a limited ad budget become visible in a crowded marketplace? At the Chamber, we help qualified, interested buyers find you. A listing in our Membership Directory, participation in our Referral Program, and service links on our Web site are included in your membership. Plus, you can stand out from the crowd even more when you take advantage of sponsorship opportunities. Gain one client – or one big idea – from your involvement in the Chamber and your membership pays for itself.

Why Join the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber?

"SEACORP Industry based in Lincolnton, has recently celebrated 25 years in business on August 1, 2023. As we reflect on the past 25 years, SEACORP would like to thank the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce for their ongoing support. The Chamber provides networking opportunities for business, connects our local community with local and State Representatives, and provides educational programs for both members and the public. The Chamber not only supports my company through these connections, but also stamps all of our “Certificates of Origin.” These certificates of origin documents are used for international transactions certifying the product’s country of origin.

Thank you again to the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce for their continued support of my business and for advocating on behalf of 500 members. The Chamber of Commerce improves the quality of life for our entire community. "

-Myra Heaver, Sea Express America Corporation dba SEACORP

"In my industry word-of-mouth and meeting new potential clients is key to growth. Joining the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber has been a valuable investment. Having the opportunity to network regularly, learn from other more experienced business owners and accessibility to other business tools has been transformative. I encourage all business owners that are ready to increase their visibility and community knowledge to join."

-Ingrid Russell, Owner, Ingrid Russell Photography/videography/Content

"We joined the Chamber prior to our opening in 2021 and have been so happy we did. They worked with us to have a ribbon cutting to highlight our grand opening, along with hosting several events with us since we've joined. We've been able to appeal to many new customers with these events that we may not have reached otherwise! It is a great way to involve yourself in the local business community with unlimited networking opportunities. "

-Rachel Herman, Broker/Realtor, Keller Williams Realty